Must Know Things About Video Conferencing

Must Know Things About Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a way for people to communicate with each other from anywhere in the world. This communications system allows participants to see and hear each other in real time, often through a live video feed. Video conferencing systems like SourceIT – Video Conferencing Provider in Singapore can be used with the internet, and can be adapted for different environments by changing camera angles and volume.

Features of video conferencing

1. Multiple Participants

With the development of internet technology, video conferencing allows multiple participants to communicate in real time across long distances. Through a specially designed video conferencing system, multiple participants can interact via live video feed, while audio channels are integrated in the system to allow all parties involved to speak and be heard clearly.

2. No limitation of distance by line charges or time zones

The best thing about video conferencing is that it allows users who are located far away from each other to still communicate as if they were in the same room. The key factor of communicating through this medium is that you no longer need middlemen such as telephone companies or any other means of communication in order for you to do so.

3. Works with a variety of different devices

Video conferencing works with a range of different devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The video conference systems work irrespective of device used or the operating system running on the device.

4. Can be done through any internet connection

Just as long as you have an internet connection, you can initiate a video conference call. You no longer need to install any software in order to get a video conference up and running. Simply make use of the built-in video calling feature available in most communication programs. There you have it – your very own video calling service right at hand.

Advantages of video conferencing

1. It saves time.

With video conferencing, you are able to conduct business meetings without having to waste time and resources traveling to meet colleagues from different cities or states. You can have quick, face-to-face conversations with your friends and family without worrying about being in the same city or state.

2. The number of potential participants is virtually unlimited.

The great thing about video conferencing is that you can conduct a video conference with anyone, anywhere in the world as long as they know how to use their computer or device.

3. Reduced expenses

Video conferencing is a cost-effective way of conducting business or communicating with your friends and family outside of your local area. You can use video conferencing to conduct face-to-face meetings or professional business transactions, saving you time and money.

4. Improves productivity

In many industries, video conferencing can be used to improve productivity by allowing multiple employees to work together in real time across vast distances. For example, a company might have partners with whom it conducts international trade and production in different parts of the world, which would benefit from the use of video conferencing systems in order for everyone to communicate effectively across long distances.


Video conferencing is an alternative way of conducting business across a wide geographical area. No matter where you are or what time of day it is, you can use video conferencing to communicate with the far away participants. The best thing about video conferencing is that it allows users to speak and be heard clearly in real time, while allowing them to see each other on screen. Check out this page for some video conferencing apps you can take advantage.

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